The Surface mouse and keyboard have arrived in stores

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There are many different types of wireless keyboards and mice on the market that you can easily connect to your tablet, phone or laptop. The problem with most of these HID sets is: they need a small USB dongle to function properly.

Unfortunately, the number of available USB ports on modern laptops is rather limited. Microsoft’s flagship line of devices, the Surface or Surface Pro, actually only come with one standard USB port, which makes it necessary to have devices that can connect with your computer directly through Bluetooth – without the need for a USB dongle.

But the number of Bluetooth keyboards and mice that don’t need a dongle is rather limited. Those without the need for a dongle are either very tiny (because they are intended to be carried around), expensive or extremely ugly. One of the few decent choices, so far, was actually a product designed for and by Apple. And as with all of these keyboards, they come without a numeric keypad – something that anyone, who has ever tried to enter a character code without it or do an extensive calculation, knows to really suck.

But gradually, Microsoft has identified the need to be present on the market for Human Interface Devices. What’s even more important – they have understood the wish by many to have a wireless keyboard with a full-fledged numeric keypad.

Microsoft is now offering the Surface keyboard and Surface mouse through their online store. Both devices adhere to the same design language as the Surface devices themselves and work like a charm. The keys are stable and hard to the touch – not like the rubbery keys that you can find on most of the low-price brands. The price, unfortunately, is indeed the one minor nuisance, because for a combination of keyboard and mouse, you currently pay around 160 Euros (about 173 Dollars). They don’t come cheap. But you’ll get professional and high quality products for your money.

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